Lake Hamilton RV Resort “trailer park”

3027 Albert Pike Rd, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913, USA

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    Dustin Shepherd
    February 08, 2024

    Before I begin, there are no refunds. I tried. First, please understand that this is NOT a vacation destination. This RV park is located in a very bad part of town. Although the residents who were parked around us seemed to be ok, it was clear there was more going on in the park than meets the eye. If you have ever seen Breaking Bad and know the protagonists use an RV to cook there meth, you will understand what we saw. Several RVs appeared to be "cooking". Although we could smell various narcotics being used throughout the park, we were unable to locate exactly which RV had the "hook-up". We paid for a lakefront site, but were given a mud-front site. It was impossible to drop a kayak or a canoe into the water like the pictures had indicated. We were simply lucky enough to see the lake in the distance, and take in the distinct smell of the Arkansas mud. Our RV (5th Wheel) is 43 feet long, which includes the storage rack on the rear trailer bumper. We fit into the space well, but we had to back up far enough to where the storage rack was hanging over the edge. Normally this isn't an issue as I have become adept at retrieving items from the rack as needed no matter how much room I have. Having the trailer parked in this manner may lead you to believe that no one will be walking around behind the RV. NOPE. Apparently, the grassy area that surrounds our site is the "dog toilet" for all the residents in this area of the park, despite there being a designated section specifically for dog and dogs doing their business. In fact, several disrespectful dog owners allowed their pups to urinate directly onto our fencing we put up to keep our dogs from running away. Unbelievable and downright rude. The park is located near a main road that leads to a freeway. Therefore, all night long you can hear "Fast and Furious" racers blasting down the road and onto the freeway as if they were running from the police. We suspected many were simply because of the amount of sirens you hear throughout the day....and night....and again the next day....and again the next night. You get the point. If this doesn't drive you mad, perhaps the freight train blaring its horn indiscriminately will. There was no rest for the weary. If you are into wildlife, specifically fowl, this is your place. The ducks, geese, birds, etc. serve as a 4am alarm clock daily. Apparently, there was an underground fight club near the mud pit that the geese and ducks would frequent, and other birds would place bets. Yep, just like the movie. But we don't talk about fight club. Finally, the RV park is located behind a Chicken Express fast food restaurant. If you like your chicken soaked in oil that tastes like fish, this is your place. In fact, all of their food tastes like it was soaked in fish oil. And, if you love the smell of boiling fish-chicken oil at all times of the day and night, this is your place. I strongly recommend not eating there unless you are a gambler or are looking for a quick way to lose some unwanted weight. Finally, the amount of traffic in and out of the park is almost unbearable. The park owner may as well double the park as a small car race track, similar to what you would find at a Funtrackers. All day, all night, in and out. Clearly, there was suspicious activity happening, and yet we couldn't find the "hook-up". I guess we looked too straight edged or too much like cops. If this description doesn't provide you with a clear understanding of what you are getting, just know this: our reservation was for 10 days. We left after 3 days. We wanted to leave immediately but were unable to because of some important work logistics. But I assure you, we left smoke on our way out as soon as we had the opportunity.

    Barbara Anerino
    November 27, 2023

    We had a great stay, be it short. We were using an old address, so it was across town from where we needed to be. It was very clean, everyone was nice. They had a Thanksgiving gathering in the office and welcomed everyone in. It is right on the lake and near restaurants.

    Alisha Stockton
    September 16, 2023

    The only reason this got 4 stars on the location is because sometimes I can hear the sirens from emergency services, but other than that, it's great! The staff here are the best! Grounds are kept neat and tidy, the pool is always clean, and on-site laundry is so convenient as well as the shower rooms. I definitely recommend this place!

    Tony Osbon
    June 07, 2023

    My husband and I were planning a four day stay. First day there our AC leaked inside. We were unable to fix the problem there, so we had to leave. Our camp host, Debbie, was very kind and understanding. We would highly recommend this campground. It was very clean and accessible to stores and eateries. Thanks again Debbie!

    PENELOPE Fountain
    October 25, 2023

    We got Hurt really bad falling into this trap, it's nothing but a Den of Thieves and Junkies and then YOU, the victim. I do not even know where to start from being broken into , The owners dog ripping our cat to pieces! to the Filthy wrecks of RVs laying around the place . Drugs!!! My God it's worse than Amsterdam! And the manager Son , constantly loitering with intent . Seriously , This is THE WORST experience we have had , Nationally!!! Better left in your rear view mirror the scruffy Thieving junkie urchins. Stay away.

    Lake Hamilton RV Resort “trailer park”

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